JANUARY 1, 1994 AND OCTOBER 31, 1996?

Our firm has handled numerous cases for injury victims that had car accident from January 1, 1994 and October 31, 1996. We have been able to bring resolution to these claims after decades of inactivity by the insurance companies. Despite insurance companies telling our clients that their cases had been closed, we were able to obtain significant settlements.

Bill 164 created a system where injured people had no right to sue an at fault party for any economic loss. Injury victims were instead provided with an extensive set of no-fault accident benefits rights which included:

Income Replacement Benefits of 90% of net income up to $1,000 per week, indexed to inflation. This became payable as a type of pension (loss of earning capacity benefit) if a person remained eligible after two years of eligibility and was payable for life;

$1,000,000 in medical/rehabilitation benefits, indexed to inflation and payable for life;

Attendant care benefits of up to $10,000 per month, indexed to inflation with no lifetime limit;

Benefits to pay for damage to Hearing Aids, Clothing, Glasses and Devices;

Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefit of $100 per week, not indexed, payable for life;

Funeral Expenses and Death Benefits

If you were involved in an accident between January 1, 1994 and October 31, 1996, you may still have the right to recover extensive benefits, including significant interest that can amount to millions. Please call us for a free consultation.